Hot smoked salmon is a delicacy on festive tables and a guaranteed everyday dish that everyone likes.

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Luscious hot smoked salmon

Hot smoking fish is a very traditional way of cooking fish in the Nordic countries, but in Central Europe, for example, hot smoked fish is not very well known as a product.

The hot smoked salmon is smoked at a higher temperature than cold smoked, typically around 70-80°C. Most commonly the smoking is done with alder chips and a bit of sugar to add color on the surface. The fish is extremely moist, soft in texture, with gentle taste and the most incredible rich smoky flavour. The smoked salmon from Myrskylän Savu is well cleaned without any fishbones.

Hot smoked fish can either be eaten rewarmed or, in fact, it is even delicious when it is chilled from the fridge.

A tip for reheating: It is important that the fish does not lose its juiciness when heated. You can either heat it very shortly in the microwave oven. Or wrap the fish in baking paper that can withstand the heat of the oven. Put the roll on a baking sheet in a 100°C oven for about 20 minutes. You get just like freshly smoked and steaming fish at your table.

Regardless of whether you enjoy the salmon cold or hot this cold sauce is suitable for both:

All you need is either sour cream or low-fat crème fraîche, finely chopped onion, lemon juice, salt, pepper and dill.
Decorate with fish roe.


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