Antibes 5th May 2023


As always, May in France means numerous bank holidays when the majority of the stores, including us, are closed. In the end of this post you will find the days it concerns us this May.

May means not only religious and memorial holidays but also Norway’s Constitution Day, 17 mai, which is quite a party! During may, at least here on the Côte d’Azur the days start to be really warm. This makes it vital to take care of the body hydration. We have several alternatives for relief, even an old favourite has returned!

We also feel obliged to remind you about the extreme dryness, the caution and limitations it causes. France is most likely heading towards even worse summer drought than last year.

Norway constitution day 17 mai


17th May of Norway – more than a National Day

Every nation has a national day but probably very few of them are so enthusiastically and uniquely celebrated like May 17th, Syttende Mai, in Norway. It is often hard to understand for a stranger all that is going on during this day.

The local children carry flags and march together with bands. The buildings are decorated with Norwegian flags and women and men of all ages dress in their Bunad, or national costume. Graduating high school students wear uniforms and celebrate the approaching school year’s end. The sound of loud music is heard from every corner.

Understanding of all these 17th of May traditions requires some historical and social background knowledge. The 17th of May was established as a National Day in 1814 as the Constitution of Norway was signed in Eidsvoll, declaring Norway as an independent nation. Students and others soon began celebrating the milestone. However, since Norway was in a union with Sweden at the time, the Swedes believed that the celebration was a provocation against Sweden and the royal family. King Karl Johan of Sweden and Norway banned the festivities from 1820 until 1829. Read more about the historical background of Syttende Mai.

While many countries celebrate their national day with a military parade, Norway’s 17th of May is a party for everyone, especially children. Before heading out to the parades and festivities, many like to get together to share a huge breakfast with freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and (for the grown-ups) some bubbly. Especially when celebrating abroad, all that are considered as national delicacies, like mackerel in tomato and whey cheese (mysost), are highly valued.

May 17th is usually associated with hot dogs, soda and ice-cream. Since there is a custom of “eat what you like” on this day, junk food is commonly on the menu, and in large quantities.

If our roads don’t cross before 17th May we



Avoiding dehydration is crucial for your health. After all, water plays many roles in the body, from lubricating joints and processing nutrients to regulating body temperature. Dehydration can affect anybody, no matter how old — or young — they are, even if they’re completely healthy. That said, groups such as infants, children, and seniors need to be especially careful not to become dehydrated.

The number one sign that you are dehydrated is thirst. You should respond to it when the feeling strikes. Even if soft drinks and juices are not recommended as the main source of fluids you may still enjoy the taste of fresh fruits every now and then. And to brighten up festive moments.

An old favourite has made a comeback: an original Finnish soft drink Jaffa which is made of real fresh oranges. Other non alcoholic drinks we recommend are elderflower juice that tastes like summer in the glass. And Pommac, a not so sweet carbonated drink which is matured in oak barrels for three months.

A tasty cider or an ice cold beer is never wrong. Perhaps you find your favourite in our comprehensive selection. But remember, à consommer avec modération.

Elderflower cordial
Pommac soft drink
Hartwall jaffa


We would also like to remind you to keep an eye on our website as well as social media for updates on restock of products. We receive something every week! As the stock level of Swedish goodies was alarming low, a new shipment arrived unusually early, already this week.

The easiest way to see what is new is on our front page. There is also a section in the bottom of this post but note, it is dynamic and shows the situation of the day when looked at. Please bare in mind also that the best-before-dates of especially dairy products are often very short.

Newest arrivals -section


The 2023 drought is expected to be worse than last year in much of metropolitan France. France experienced a historic drought in the summer of 2022, followed by an equally dry winter. As a result, the rain has not been enough to replenish the water tables which are weakened by a succession of deficit years. This year the restrictions of water usage have applied already from middle of March and for a wider area than before. The restrictions like prohibition to wash cars and boats, watering plants and filling up pools are valid until further notice. A complete list of them is found here. Everyone is also required to be extremely careful when using fire, especially with cigarette butts, in order to avoid wildfires this year.


Le Lac du Broc

Fresh from the kitchen

is available according to the normal schedule. Right now we have sweet rye bread and the 100 % rye bread and Carelian pasties. Cinnamon rolls will be steaming hot around 11:30 each day.

Homemade cinnamon rolls


from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-13:30 and 15:30-19:00

and baking something fresh every day.

Extra holidays in May when we will also be closed: Thursday 18th May

By arrival with private vehicle the closest parking is the “La Poste” with entrance just in front of us on rue Vauban, outdoor parking and the garage “Pré-des-Pêcheurs” in the harbour.