Antibes 20th April 2023


At Nordic Temptations we welcome spring, finally we can leave the coldest and darkest days behind us and celebrate that we are going towards longer brighter days.

The arrival of spring in the north is associated with the feast « Valborg » or « Vappu » (Saint Walpurga’s Eve in English). The tradition originates from Germany: Saint Walpurga was hailed by the Christians of Germany for battling « pest, rabies, and whooping cough, as well as against witchcraft ». In parts of Europe, for example in Sweden, people continue to light bonfires on Saint Walpurga’s Eve. Not to ward off evil spirits and witches like in earlier times but to mark that spring has finally arrived.

May Day in Helsinki

The 1st of May, in Finland it is one of the biggest festival days of the year. While some students party the whole week, the main celebrations take place starting the evening before on April 30th and continue in carnival-style through the 1st of May. Often in form of picnic if the weather allows continuing until the early morning hours.

The contents of the picnic basket are of course to suit everyone’s taste, but there is guaranteed lemon mead « sima » and either funnel cakes « tippaleivät » or cardamom donuts « vappumunkit ». Without them, May Day in Finland is not a May Day. Recipes for these you will find among our recipes.

In Sweden the celebrations are a bit calmer consisting of families gathering around the communal bonfire. There always a choir performing upbeat songs, « singing in the spring ».

Funnel cakes and cardamom donuts


In the store and in the webshop, we keep updating the selection of the best Nordic products that our customers request. Recently added is the « Pucko » chocolate milk. This cold drink probably brings back many childhood memories. We would also like to remind you to keep an eye on our site as well as social media for updates on restock of products.

This time we have some unusual products: Swedish Lantchips, new Marabou chocolate and a new kind of crisp bread. These will not be put on webshop. Available only until the stocks last. If interested for delivery, please contact us.

Isterband sausage
Pucko chocolate milk
Sour milk


We know that among you, our dear customers, there are a lot of enthusiastic cooks. How about getting your recipe public? Our selection of recipes is updated little by little when we run into something interesting. Now we wish your participation. It would be a great favour for us if you shared your best Nordic recipe with us including a picture. You may do it either by e-mail or in the store.


If you didn’t get enough of Easter goodies and sweets, we still have products left that now are sold on discount. For example these….

Fresh from the kitchen

is available according to the normal schedule. Right now we have sweet rye bread and the 100 % rye bread. On Friday morning Carelian pasties. Cinnamon rolls every day from about 11:30 onwards.

Homemade cinnamon rolls


from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-13:30 and 15:30-19:00
and baking something fresh every day.
By arrival with private vehicle the closest parking is the “La Poste” with entrance just in front of us on rue Vauban, outdoor parking and the garage “Pré-des-Pêcheurs” in the harbour.


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