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  • Battery Energy Drink 0,33 l

    It derives its energy from functional ingredients like caffeine, guarana, taurine, sucrose, sugars and B-vitamins. Battery is a beverage developed in Finland and is exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Nutrition, 100 ml contains:  
    Taurine: 400 mg
    Caffeine: 32 mg
    Energy: 50 kcal/210 kJ
    Protein: 0.4 g
    Carbohydrates: 11.5 g, of which is sugar: 11.0 g
    Fat: 0 g, of which is saturated: 0 g
    Nutritional fibre: 0 g
    Salt: 0 g
    Niacin: 8.0 mg/50%*
    Pantothenic acid: 2.0 mg/33%*
    Vitamin B6: 1.8 mg/129%*
    Vitamin B12: 1.0 µg/40%*
    * percentage of reference daily intakes   HIGH CAFFEINE CONTENT: 32 mg/100 ml. WARNING: Avoid drinking before sleeping. Not suitable for children, expectant mothers or persons allergic to caffeine. Recommendations for use: Do not drink more than three cans a day.
  • The blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) is a woody shrub grown for its unique flavour and richness in polyphenols, dietary fibre and essential nutrients. It is native to for example temperate parts of central and northern Europe. Berries are preparedto jam, juice and jelly, and the leaves are used for pickled gherkins. Blackcurrant cordial made to hot juice has traditionally been consumed in connection with common cold and as a base in Glögg (mulled wine). The syrup forms the basis for several alcoholic beverages: blackcurrant mixed with white wine is called Kir or Kir Royale when mixed with champagne. To serve as juice mix 1 part with 3 parts of water. Once opened keep refrigerated.
  • Blueberry Soup 1 l

    Bilberry (=wild blueberry) soup/drink is a ready-to-use everyday classic among Swedes - enjoy hot or cold. Serve for breakfast, lunch or snack. With a few macaroons and a dollop of cream and you have a tasty dessert. Ekströms have been around since 1848. They have sponsored Vasaloppet (An annual very long cross-country ski race) with this blueberry soup since 1958, and has thus become associated with winter sports. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 4-5 days.
  • Elderflower cordial is one of the most delightful cordials on the market, this tastes like summer in a glass. Put a new Swedish freshness to your water, mineral water or white wine. Mixed with water or mineral water the elderberry syrup is excellent to flavor any vodka/gin combination or your home made sorbet/ice cream. Try it with champagne for a wonderful taste explosion! To serve mix 1 part with 4 parts of water. Once opened keep refrigerated.
  • So you are a barista? Perfect. This carton of iKaffe oat drink is made from liquid oats, which means it isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. What it is is fully foamable, putting you in total control over the density and performance of your foam so you can showcase your latte art skillz — sorry, we mean skills. Anyway, give it a try and see what you think. So you are a non-barista? Also perfect. Just heat this iKaffe Oat Drink in a container while giving it a whirl until it foams up nicely and then pour yourself a latte without milk. And if you don’t feel like a latte, you will be happy to know that this product tastes just as amazing if you drink it straight or pour it on your granola or put it to work with your cooking skills.
  • Hartwall Jaffa is a genuine and original Finnish soft drink that brings joy and pleasure to the whole family. An inseparable part of Finnish culture for over 70 years. Every Finn has her own memory of Hartwall Jaffa, which entered the market already in 1949. The taste of the drink comes from real, fresh fruit.  
  • Lingonberries have long been a source of beneficial nutrition for Scandinavians and those living in the Northern Hemisphere where the lingonberries grow wild in the forests during the summer months. Lingonberries are wildly grown and handpicked during the autumn. Jokk lingonberry cordial is made from wild lingonberries from Northern Sweden. The slightly tart flavor makes it good to drink to any meal, not to mention the mix of lingonberry syrup and vodka, a couple of ice cubes and a slice of lemon. To serve as juice mix 1 part with 3 parts of water. Once opened keep refrigerated.
  • Mehukatti is a delicious thirst quencher for the whole family and a favourite drink for fast-paced birthdays and children's parties.
    By diluting the package, you can get 6 liters of ready-made delicious juice drink. Mehukatti always tastes just as good!
    To serve mix 1 part with 3 parts of water.  
  • Ready to drink non alcohol mulled wine drink
  • O’boy Chocolate Drink Powder 450 g

    O'boy is the best selling Scandinavian instant chocolate drink powder. Serve hot or cold. A big Scandinavian childhood favourite! Simply add a tablespoon of the chocolate powder to a glass of milk or water and stir. Heat the milk if so desired. Serve the hot chocolate with whipped cream or a dollop of ice cream on top. Now in updated packaging and design. The carton is now being replaced with a more environmentally friendly bag, which reduces both material consumption and the transport impact - the material consumption for the new bag is 60% less than for the old box. A practical zip feature will keep your O'boy as tightly sealed in the pantry as it always has.
  • It is a great go-to product for just about everything and is loaded with a nutritional balance: protein, carbs, fiber and healthy fat in a nice amount of each. It’s an optimal option for everyday use because it has been enriched with vitamins (D, riboflavin, B12) and calcium and includes 1.5% fat from rapeseed and oats. There is no added sugar whatsoever. When should you use it? Whenever you would use old-school milk from cows — chilled in a glass, for cooking or baking — in exactly the same amounts.   Can be stored in room temperature
  • Pommac

    Pommac is the brand name for a not so sweet carbonated soft drink made of fruits and berries. The name comes from "Pommery", referring to Champagne, and Cognac, as it is matured in oak barrels for 3 months. This fruity soft drink was made for the upper classes as an alcohol-free substitute for wine and is now widely used as non-alcoholic champagne alternative on festive occasions. Pommac was invented by Anders Lindahl who moved to Stockholm as a failed businessman and founded Fructus Fabriker.
  • Pucko® Original, with its mild, round chocolate taste, is made from intermediate milk from Arla and eco-labeled cocoa. The cult-declared classic fits in the picnic basket and is just as good for sandwiches and sweets as for hot dogs and weekend breakfast.  
  • Rosehip soup/drink is a ready-to-use everyday classic among Swedes. Rosehip is very rich in vitamin C and has a gorgeous red colour. Ekströms have been around since 1848 and rosehip soup was the very first of their soups. A classic that they call the original – just as good now as then. Serve for breakfast, lunch or snack. With a few macaroons and a dollop of cream and you have a tasty dessert. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 4-5 days.
  • Salty Liquorice Extract 500 ml

    This salty liquorice extract is perfect not only for alcohol mixes, but also for baking, desserts and even cooking, for marinating a salmiac pork or in sauces just for example.  The sweet but salty taste gives an original nuance and brings out the flavours of your food. This concentrated salty liquoirice liquid was originally used as a component in Alko’s (the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly) “Salmiakkikoskenkorva” (salmiac vodka), until it was banned as being “perniciously delicious” after it became a hit among the young people in Finland. Make your own by mixing 1 part of this extract with 1 part of vodka. Deliverable worldwide!    
  • Wild Blueberry, Pure Juice 500 ml

    100 % wild blueberry aka bilberry juice is a convenient, delicious way to obtain the benefits of bilberries. Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C, bilberries contain polyphenolic flavonoids and significant amounts of micronutrients. They have one of the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity levels of all fruits and vegetables. Made from Finnish berries, no additives. Simply mix with water for a refreshing drink (hot or cold) or add to juice, smoothies, yogurt or other foods. To serve mix 1 part with 2 parts of water. No additives or added sugar Once opened keep refrigerated.
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