Is there anything more beautiful than the Norrbotten landscape in its winter cape? Norrbotten winters are a source of unforgettable experiences from November onwards, lingering until midsummer. Midsummer is the time for the seasons’s final skiing on the slalom hills in the Riksgränsen area – under the midnight sun, of course.

During te winter, the Norrbotten cuisine also comes to life. Tourists love the exclusive food products and produce, which are pure health food compared to the industrially produced raw materials usually available at supermarkets. All activities and adventures deserve to be followed or accompanied by a quality dining experience which in turn helps create an unforgettable visit. Whether the meal is served at a gourmet restaurant in town or in a hut in the wild, the dish is prepared with only the best that Norrbotten has to offer.

Arctic Norrbotten à la carte complements the previous release, Norrbotten à la carte and is a culinary and gift book for both summer and winter.


Languages: Swedish and English

108 pages

260 × 260 mm