Cloudberry Tea 60 g


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Yellow gold of Lapland! 

Green SenCha tea with cloudberry crush (15%), carrot chips, sunflower petals and aroma.

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Cloudberry  (Rubus chamaemorus) is a herb native to alpine and arctic regions. The golden-yellow edible fruit is similar to the raspberry or blackberry in form. Cloudberries, growing in the wild, are highly valued and a favourite wild fruit of the Arctic region. Cloudberries are soft, juicy and about the size of raspberries.

They are one of the rarest, and most sought-after, fruits (yes, cloudberry is technically a fruit and not a berry) in the world. In fact, unless you’re actively looking for them, you could go a lifetime and never see one.

Cloudberries are only found in the wild, and their locations are kept secret from generation to generation, similar to the way people treat searching for truffles.

Cloudberries are available even as jam and liqueur, sometimes even as frozen.

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  1. Finnish

    Günther Chalupa

    Excellent taste

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