Eco Gift Bag


The Eco Gift Bag is made of the same material as the designed dishcloths. It can be cut into four parts as dish cloths: ecological, cellulose fiber dishcloth, long lasting as it is washable in machine at 60 degrees over and over again. Eco-friendly printing of colours, so you can dispose it safely in compost, where it will biodegrade in 24 weeks. The material itself is unbleached and undyed if not otherwise mentioned. Available in different patterns


The Eco Gift Bag has won a Home & Trend 2014 award in the Tendence in both audience and jury categories. Award was given by The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Print Cellulose-cotton
machineWash-pictorgram_30x30 Machine wash
biodegradable_product_symbol_30x30 Biodegradable
water_drop_icon Water based inks

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Weight0,01 kg
Dimensions18 × 42 × 1 cm

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