Koskenkorva, or Kossu as it usually is called, is a very high quality clear vodka from Finland. Distilled about 200 times (no, not an error), this is produced from spring water, very little of sugar and barley from the distillery’s own fields, resulting in an exceedingly pure vodka. Roughly 18,200 grains of premium barley are used in creating just one ½ litre bottle of Koskenkorva.

This beverage was named after the small village of Koskenkorva in Ostrobothnia, the place where the distillation took place. Koskenkorva was distilled and produced, with the idea that the drink could be enjoyed both sipped at ambient temperature from a pocket flask and, in a more sophisticated manner, as chilled schnapps. Koskenkorva is not produced for storage in cellars; it can be enjoyed immediately. It will keep almost forever in an unopened bottle – however, as practice has demonstrated, this seems to be possible solely in theory!

Kossu is at its best when cold, but can be also mixed for example with Coke (which is then called “Kossukola”), with carbonated water (“Kossuvissy”), orange juice (“screwdriver”), energy drink (“Kossu Battery” or “Virtanen”).

Plastic bottle

Alcohol by volume 38 %