The ultimate Norwegian aquavit, famous for its maturation in oak sherry casks at sea, a journey that has continued for moe than 200 years.

This remarkable story started in 1805 when the Lysholm family sent a ship frrom Norway to East-Asia loaded with goods, including five casks of akvavit. Luckily the aquavit was not sold and by its return they found out that exposing the casks to the constant rolling of the waves and shifting weather conditions had transformed the aquavit, the result being a perfectly balanced aquavit, amber colour and round flavours where caraway and aniseed are the most dominant. Including caraway, dill and fennel with a touch of Seville orange. On the label of each bottle you can see the vessel, dates and a map of the journey the aquavit has made! One to be savoured.

Alcohol by volume 41,5 %