Marshals Drink/Shot is a flavored vodka of Finnish origin, served as a schnapps. The drink is named after Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, the Marshal of Finland.According to all sources it is important that the glass where the drink is served is poured as full as possible (to the point where surface tension keeps some of the drink in the glass); the glass is then to be emptied without spilling. This practice is said to originate in the Chevalier Guard where Mannerheim once served; every man was entitled one shot of Vodka per day, and through this practice everyone was assured the equal maximum amount.

The ingredients of the mixture have been up for debate for almost 50 years, and the original ingredients are not even available anymore. According to some sources the drink is to be made of unflavoured alcohol, sweet vermouth and gin. A must-have with Marskin Vorschmack. Must be served ice-cold.

Alcohol by volume 40 %