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Minttu Peppermint is an original clear peppermint liqueur developed in the 80s. The mint flavor is very strong, sweet, fresh and pure peppermint. The mouthfeel, especially when cooled, is soft and thick and the product is easy to consume.

Minttu Peppermint liqueur can be enjoyed either on its own as a chilled shot or as part of various cold and hot drinks. The taste goes especially well with milk-based drinks such as cocoa, but its freshness lends its nuances to other mixed drinks as well.

Alcohol by volume 35 %

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The liqueur gets its flavor from the real peppermint plant (mentha piperita) and its sweetness comes only from the special sugar developed for the production of Mintu, which enables a crystal clear color. The raw material is Finnish sugar beet. Peppermint is suitable for vegans.

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