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Well-being directly from the Nordic nature!

Nettle leaf (urtica dioica) have been used for hundreds of years as herbal remedy. It has a lot of silicon, iron, vitamins C, A, B and K. In the green parts there are a lot of chlorophylls. Compared to spinach, nettle has 7 times more iron, in the north it is the most powerful herb what it comes to the mineral levels.


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Not recommended for persons who suffer from heart or kidney failure and consequent swelling

Nettle leaf is used against anemia, it increases urine output and helps extract uric acid> alkalizes the body.  It has been used in urinary tract infections, and it may help with prostate problems. It is effective against allergy and inflammation on the skin.

Nettle helps lower blood sugar, it balances blood pressure and facilitates bowel function, it increases the secretion of milk for nursing mothers and is considered to be an herb that strengthens and strengthens immunity

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