New potatoes are a corner stones in the Nordic cuisine in the summer time and considered as a great delicacy. 

A light and quick to make Nordic summer menu consists of new potatoes, dill, herring and smoked fish. Accompany with a schnapps of aquavit if you dare.

The Nordic new potatoes are a big issue every year. On Wednesday 29th April 2015 the first Swedish new potatoes of the year were sold on auction in Båstad. The buyer bought 30 kg of potatoes for an amazing sum of 63.000 SEK 6.850 €!!), about € 230/kilo. “We are happy to pay a lot when half of the sum goes to the Children’s Cancer Foundation”, says the buyer Erik Ahlström from MatHem. In addition, King Carl Gustaf gets three kilograms as his birthday present.

Available yearly from about beginning of June.