Pucko Chocolate Milk 27 cl


Pucko® Original, with its mild, round chocolate taste, is made from intermediate milk from Arla and eco-labeled cocoa. The cult-declared classic fits in the picnic basket and is just as good for sandwiches and sweets as for hot dogs and weekend breakfast.


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While Pucko is sold in most Swedish shops that sells cold beverages, it has become especially associated with hot dog vendors. To order a hot dog with a Pucko is a common cliché although it is not known how many Swedes actually prefer this combo.

Stockholmare (Stockholmer) is used as local slang for Pucko when ordering in a hot dog stand in Göteborg. Pucko, or stockholmare, is closely associated with and often ordered together with a Gothenburg local popular dish called halv special and hel special, meaning half special and whole special, consisting of one or two hot dogs respectively in a sausage bread with mashed potatoes on top.

Pucko has been called a national beverage, a cult drink and a symbol for Sweden.

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