The Honey of Sweden Late Summer 150 g


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The Honey of Sweden is pure premium natural Swedish honey.

Swedish Bee Company puts an honor in letting the nature take its time and the bees to do their job, as they have done it for millions of years, before they harvest the honey. It is slow tech, and they call it slow honey.

Pure honey is a fantastic food product. No processing, nothing added just ready to eat straight from nature. The honey is handled gentle with care to keep the different aromas and wholesome qualities.


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The colour, taste and texture of honey depends on the nectar from the flowers that the bees visit and, on the land, where the flowers grow, they differ also depending when it is harvested.

The early summer honey which is harvested around Midsummer is often lighter in colour and harder in texture. There can be rapeseed, apple bloom and raspberry in this.

The darker is from later in the summer and often a bit softer, with usually clover, linden and maybe a little heather in it.

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