The Varanger à la carte book describes the culinary traditions of the three municipalities, Nesseby, Vadsø and Vardø in North Norway.

The area is characterised by its arctic conditions and the proximity of the Arctic Ocean. The high-quality and unique raw materials in Varanger, its interesting culture, maritime climate and Northern wilderness combine to create an area, which is unlike any other in the world.

The large stocks of fish in the Arctic Ocean are the main reason that there has been permanent settlement in the northern parts of Varanger for thousands of years. The sea has provided a source of livelihood for the area’s inhabitants, and fishermen have steered their boats into the unpredictable seas even during the darkest times of the year. In the vast Arctic ocean there are countless different species of fish. The local ways of preparing food are primarily based on traditions. Raw materials have been processed and combined in the same way from generation to generation. In addition to seafood, reindeer, mutton and cloudberries are often eaten. Due to their delicious flavour, the golden cloudberries that ripen in August could easily be described as the region’s crown jewels.

Languages: English, Norwegian and Sami

96 pages

260 × 260 mm