Marskin Vorschmack – the legendaric, famous Finnish Marshal Mannerheim´s favourite, meat-herring delicacy.

Vorschmack has an interesting history in Finnish food culture. According to the legend, at the beginning of 1900’s Finnish Marshal Mannerheim visited Warsaw Officer’s club in Poland, where Vorschmack was served. He found Vorschmack so tasty, that he took the recipe with him to Finland. This legendaric Finnish Marshal Mannerheim´s delicacy will crown the banquet, and makes your everyday lunch or dinner to feel like a celebration.

Traditionally Vorschmack is served with potatoes (or potatoes pure), pickled cucumber, pickled beetroot and sour cream. Marskin Vorschmack is quick, easy and versatile dish, which also can be used as hot or cold appetizer, or just as a cold spread on top of bread. Pick the best ideas from our recipes to your own ones!

For drink we recommend Marskin ryyppy schnaps and cold beer.