Anitta Asunta-Plane, Irmeli Jung, Anneli Palsa & Liisa Wartio-Corbiere


Nordic Art Gallery is celebrating Finland´s centenary year 2017 by presenting Finnish expat artists’ know-how in France with the exhibition ”Finland 100 worldwide – strong Finnish expat artists in France”

Vernissage on Friday 24th March at 18:00

Live performance by Lara Virtanen

Sparkling wine provided by Franska Vinkompaniet

Four artists, who permanently live and work in Provence region, were selected to the exhibition: ceramist Anitta Asunta-Plane, photographer Irmeli Jung, painter Anneli Palsa and painter Liisa Wartio-Corbiere. These Finnish women have bravely went out to the world, adjusted and adapted to the new environment.

Art tells their story: Why are the works of art what they are? How does the new home country affect on the artists’ production? Does homesickness appear or have new influences invaded their thoughts?

The exhibition also visits Finland 100 years cultural celebration in Nice on 8th April. In the Theatre Francis Gag, 4 rue de la Croix, Nice, the works of art will take over the theater’s corridors and rooms.



moved to Paris at the age of 20. After more than 30 years her migration she now lives in a small village called Cabris as a professional of many fields

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left to Paris in the 1970’s and has made a career that has now compiled between the covers of a new book which is featuring stunning pictures of the worlds’ stars such as Lauren Bacall, Juliette Gréco and Liv Ullmann. Her photographic works of Nice’s famous Baie des Anges beach can be seen in the exhibition.

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has now moved back to Finland, but from the 1960’s until 1998 she studied art in Paris, lived in France, and left a permanent mark on the village of Le Broc by painting St. Antoine Chapel´s frescos.


started her journey in the 1980’s by hitchhiking in south of France and hasn’t returned to Finland ever since. Today, she is one of the popular artists of the international gallery chaine of Carré d’Artistes and her works are exhibited all over the world.
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