Des peintures et céramiques

de Mary Larsson


Born in Östersund, Sweden, Mary Larsson is a contemporary artist who settled in France 40 years ago.

” I have been painting for more than 30 years. My interest was awakened when I, as a young girl, visited Arles for a few days to see where Vincent Van Gogh, my favorite painter, used to live. That visit lighted my desire to paint and following five years, I came to participate in several courses and workshops. A need to find my own style gave me the courage to let myself be guided by my unconscious, the mixture of colors on the canvas and the music that inspired me.

Every year for the past 25 years, I have traveled to India and this has of course inspired me a lot. Memories from my childhood, from the Northern Sweden, are another important inspiration source; the great forests, mountains, wild animals and magical tales are often found on my canvases. My paintings derive from different worlds from the depths of myself and they speak with the viewer’s subconscious and create a peaceful feeling.

Through my paintings, I try to convey a message of Peace, love” and joy.”

Vernissage on 15th September at 18:00 at the presence of the artist