An amazing pesto with a smoky flavour that you will love! Perfect as an appetizer for every special occasion.

Preparation time 60 minutes.

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Smokey parsley pesto with västerbotten cheese, aspargus and roe

Ingredients (serves 4 persons)

Leavened cream:
1 lemon
3 dl sour cream

12 small green aspargus

Parsley pesto:
100 g parsley
100 g of baby spinach
20 g peeled almonds
200 g Västerbotten cheese

Spring onion oil:
1 bunch of spring onions
rapeseed oil

4 slices of sweet dark bread
flake salt
rapeseed oil

80 g vendace roe

Herbs for serving:
miners lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata)
carrot flower

Bring plenty of salted water to a boil in a saucepan. Pick the parsley from the stems. Peel the asparagus if necessary. Cook quickly first the asparagus for 40 sec – 1 min depending on the size. Then use the same water to quickly boil the parsley and baby spinach for about 1 min. Absorb and cool in ice water.

Dilute the parsley with paper towels so that it is as dry as possible. Then grill it so that it gets good colour and smoky flavour.
Mix the grilled parsley and baby spinach in a jug blender alt. food processor. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth.

Toast the almonds together with a little oil and salt for about 10 minutes. They should turn golden brown.
Chop the almonds and mix into the mixed parsley and baby spinach.
Finish by tearing down Västerbottensost and mixing together into a lovely pesto.
Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Cut off the green blast on the stick onion. Weigh it and heat oil in the same weight as the onion. When the oil is 50 degrees mix it with the onion and a pinch of salt in jug blender about 5min. When the onion oil is properly mixed and has a bright green colour, strain it through coffee filters.

Cut off the edges of the dark bread and cut into the desired shape.
Place on oven tray with parchment paper at the bottom. Drizzle sparingly with oil and top with flake salt.
Bake at 150 degrees for about 15 minutes until the bread is crispy.
Remove and let cool. Before serving, use zest iron and grate over Västerbottensost.

Season the sour cream with lemon juice, grated horseradish and salt.

Top with the vendace roe.

Tips! The vendace roe can be replaced with any other fish roe.



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