one shot by Vivi A


Vivi A is a Norwegian global award winning ­Graphic ­Designer and Artist now based in ­Cannes.

Her photo art project “Mirror ­Mirror” ­started in 2014, as a natural part of her ­ongoing creativity. All of the photos are taken in Cannes of the ­luxury shops on the Boulevard de la ­Croisette, and the high fashion stores in ­rue d´Antibes. She was nominated as the Artiste d´Honneur by Hotel de Mairee in Cannes 2017 and was the artist of the year at Le Mas Candille hotel 2016.


THE TECHNIQUE To get the perfect shot, the light, ­timing and ­correct angle is crucial, so as to ­compliment the ­manikins,clothes, colours and ­decoration of the ­window ­display. The work requiers a precise eye for ­composition. The ­various ­elements are ­juxtaposed to maximise the effect of the merging between the two worlds. The ­photo­graphic ­images are not ­manipulated or edited in any post production. As an argument against the current ­trend of over manipulations of photos, they are taken as “one shot” ­utlilising a ­special photo ­technique to enhance the layers and ­colors, and make the photos ­three dimension.

The Art Photos are printed on High Quality Photo Archival Paper or Dibond with 6 colors High Definition UV coating and only sold in one version only.

THE CONCEPT The fashion world is often seen as materialistic and superficial, even though the designing and ­making of clothes is an art form. We are attracted by the beauty in the ­window ­displays wishing to aquire the ­creations we see and desire. But the display also ­reflects something else; the beauty you can not buy that is seen through the glass. The sea, the sky, the trees and ­the ­architecture. It is this merge of these two worlds in the layers of what is displayed in the ­fashion shops and on the other side of the street, that is ­reflected in the ­Mirror Mirror project.